Our Haras


We are established in the Road Brooks – Brooks Quarter – Ibiúna accessed by the High Caucaia – Waterfall Road, signposted to the Haras, with our brand logo.

Our squad is made ​​up of mares Mangalarga Mangalarga Marchador Campolina Donkey Stallion and the Pêga breed originating Farm Mula Preta – MAAB – Uberaba.

Restaurante e quartos

Produce mules, burros and donkeys excellent morphology, docile and walkers that can serve also as pets ride, despite its hardiness already known.

We have hostel for riders and nature lovers.

Pension for horses and mules.

Abilities for monthly rental with excellent handling.

We are in a great area to enjoy horseback riding with their animals, walking dirt roads and without the dangers of asphalt.

In the region where we operate can make riding the short and long term by roads and trail in rainforest.